Sunday, January 8, 2012

Time off

Well after some time off and well one of the busiest semesters I am back. So just a short note about a couple of things.
1. All this connected technology iphone, apps, tweets, facebook changing its skin every 30 seconds and tumblr and whatever else,  I am stuck in a morass of trying to keep my head above water. I do not know about you but I miss the card catalog.
2. Skating is getting more involved for Jack and I am going to have to bring the computer more often to the rink if I plan on keeping up with the blogger joneses. Also YES I am living vicariously through him, you have an issue with that take it somewhere else. I am living my Ice Castle dreams through him and I have the stretch marks that make it okay to do so.
and finally....(well you know me, never finally)
3. School admins are trying to kill us. They have added another class and another prep so that makes 3 preps, 6 classes, shortened class periods and plan time and well... No increase in significant pay.  All of this adds up to an increase in my blood pressure, weight, stress, workload, grading and planning time, student number but a significant decrease morale, student connectivity and creative expressions of content.

So if you bear with me and follow I will try to vent, express and entertain with the daily drudgery of a never dull or slow existence.

Thanks for hanging with me friends.

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